Our participants and employee’s always come first. We go to great lengths to make our facilities as clean and conducive to learning as possible, and of course we accommodate the disabled. The San Diego State University’s DUI Program operates under a California license, (#3700501120), and a San Diego County contract. The Official contractor is the SDSU Research Foundation. However, the program is administered by the San Diego State University Center for Alcohol & Drug Studies & Services. Since its, designated area of services by the courts is the San Diego Central Court district, it is referred to as the Central District DUIP. Specific operations are in accordance with the California Health and Safety Code (H&S C) statute, Chapter 9, Section 11836 through Section 11838.5. This statute is implemented via regulations adopted by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) specified in the California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 9, Section 9795 through Section 9886. Organizational Profile of SDSU DUIP Staff:

Executive and Clinical Director Melanie Barker, MPH, LCSW
Project Manager Rosa Sotomayor
IT Manager / Webmaster Patricia Cabezas
Counseling Manager Oscar Almendarez


SDSU Driving Under The Influence Program