If you were previously dismissed from our Driving Under The Influence Program due to a violation of the rules and regulations, please contact us to make a reinstatement appointment. Do not just show up at our office or attend classes. The current fee for reinstatement into the program is $50.00.   Documentation Needed For Reinstating

Court: If you were referred by a court; you must have a reinstatement referral form from your court of conviction.

DMV: If you originally enrolled with DMV documentation; you must contact the administration office to set a reinstatement appointment once the dismissal process is completed.


ALL DISMISSED PARTICIPANTS MUST BE REINSTATED INTO A LICENSED CALIFORNIA DUI PROGRAM WITHIN 24 MONTHS TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR PRIOR PROGRAM PARTICIPATION. The Program may refuse to reinstate a participant if the participant was dismissed because he or she was physically or verbally abusive to program staff or other program participants, or threatening to the Program itself. The Program may refuse reinstatement if a person is under the influence, is abusive or is unable to benefit from the program. (Ref: Title 9, Section 9886 (a)(7), California Code of Regulations).

SDSU Driving Under The Influence Program