Leave Of Absence

Requesting A Leave of Absence From Classes CCR, Title 9, Section 9876.5   Forms and instructions are available at the front office or you may click here to print out the LOA form. Participants may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) if they are unable to attend scheduled program activities for any extended period, usually 15 days or longer.   A LOA may be approved for the following reasons:

1) Military Duty: Military personnel whose orders or responsibilities require an extended absence.

2) Work Travel: For those whose work requires travel for an extended period.

3) Illness or Medical Treatment: Those who are absent due to their own extended illness or medical treatment (or that of an immediate family member or significant other).

4) Incarceration or Residential Treatment Program: Those who are incarcerated or otherwise confined for medical, mental health, or alcohol/drug treatment.

5) Extreme Personal Hardship or Family Emergency

6) Vacation: Please Note: A vacation LOA requires that you must be current with all fees and activities.

All LOA requests must include documentation substantiating the need for the LOA.

LOA Form: Click here for the LOA form. Completed LOA Request Forms must be submitted to the Administrative Office no later than 7 days before the requested start date, with documentation (e.g: a letter from an employer, military orders, doctors’ diagnosis, etc.) to support the request. In case of emergencies that require a participant to expedite his/her departure date, the program must be notified and documentation must be received no later than 7 days after the start of LOA.
Additional items regarding a Leave Of Absence:

a) Time in program does not accrue while on LOA, and the time it will take to complete is extended. No charges are added for absences during an LOA.

b) A participant may return from an LOA anytime prior to the requested end date.

c) Names of participants going on LOA are removed from their assigned Group and Education session rosters.

d) A participant must contact the Program in person when ready to return from LOA, or no more than 5 days after the LOA end date for reassignment. Participants cannot be guaranteed assignment to the same group upon return from the LOA.

e) In certain extreme situations (such as incarceration or medical emergency), management may initiate a retroactive LOA when notification and/or documentation is received. However, in order to avoid the risk of being dismissed after 21 days, this information should be provided ASAP.

f) There is a fee for Leave of Absence (see fee schedule), except when initiated by the SDSU DUI Program clinical team.


  FAX Your LOA Form To:

(858) 467-6822, Attention: LOA Clerk


  Mail Your LOA Form To:

LOA Clerk SDSU Central District DUIP 9245 Sky Park Court, Suite 101 San Diego, CA 92123-4311

Telephone: (858) 467-6810 The Executive Director or a designated person is the only staff with the authority to approve or disapprove an LOA request. Approval for a leave of absence is not automatic and all established procedures must be followed. It is the participant’s responsibility to verify that the LOA has been approved and that it covers the dates requested.   Click here here to read Rules and Regulations and refer to Section IV – Participant Attendance for more information.

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