FAI Instructions

  Instructions For Requesting a Financial Assessment Interview (FAI)   CCR, Title 9, Section 9879 A Participant may request a financial assessment to determine his/her ability to pay the program fee. Anyone having difficulty meeting their financial obligations should request a Financial Assessment Interview (FAI) immediately. In order to receive an FAI, this procedure must be followed: Assemble the appropriate documentation using the list below. You must provide one piece of documentation from List A or one of the items from List B. Go to the front office during business hours or call (858) 467-6810, Extension 116 or 117 to make an appointment for a financial assessment interview. The accounting department is unable to conduct interviews on a drop-in basis. The interview will take approximately 20-30 minutes.   Please Note: Please provide the required documentation in order for the assessment interview to be conducted. Without such documentation, the assessment will be rescheduled. You will be assessed full program fees unless this procedure is followed. If you do not currently receive General Assistance (General Relief) awards, but think you may qualify, please contact the following agency. County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency Phone: (866) 262-9881 www.sdcounty.ca.gov/hhsa/     DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED FOR FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT

List A

Provide one of the items below…

1. General Relief/General Assistance Award Letter

2. Copy of General Relief check with a current date and amount of monthly benefits.

3. An award letter from the county welfare department, or other governmental agency, documenting eligibility for other public assistance and indicating the income level on which eligibility was based.


List B

Provide documentation from one of the numbered items below…

1. Proof of income for the past two months: Pay voucher/stubs for gross wages, salaries, tips, bonuses, commission, etc. or net profits from self-employment. Proof of income from Social Security, retirement/pension, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, disability, VA benefits or other public assistance (AFDC, SSI, etc.), educational grants, financial aid/loans or training stipends.


2. Bank statements from checking and savings accounts for the past two months.


3. Unemployment benefits for the past two-months, or copies of checks, or copy of award letter for unemployment.

4. Income tax return for the previous calendar year. Note: Anyone who is claimed as a dependent on another person’s income tax forms (student, spouses, children, elderly parent) must provide a copy of the income tax return of the person(s) who claim you as dependent.

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