PLEASE NOTE: We are not located on the campus of San Diego State University.  Our address is: 9245 Sky Park Court, Suite 101 San Diego, CA 92123  View Map

Phone: (858) 467-6810 – Fax: (858) 467-6822

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Service Hours: Services are currently held from Monday to Saturday, except holidays. Hours vary by day. Although our Administrative Offices are open on Saturday until noon to take payments and other routine matters, we do not accept telephone calls.   If you are calling for the first time: Our phone system is designed to answer most of your questions before talking to the Administrative Staff. Please listen to the options and follow the directions.

Contacting Counseling Staff, Management & Admin Staff: Participants can contact their counselor by calling (858) 467-6810,  press 1+1  and his or her 3-digit extension. Management and Administrative staff can be contacted by using their specific extension number (see below). We’re sorry but we cannot accept general voice mail that is not directed to a specific staff member, nor do we accept e-mail messages.

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Name: Position: Extension:   
Melanie Barker Executive & Clinical Director 110
Rosa Sotomayor Project Manager 149
Oscar Almendarez Counseling Manager 133
Patricia Cabezas Web Master 124


Departments: Extension:     
Accounting 116 or 117
Credit Card Payments 0
Leave Of Absence Requests / Approvals 135
Pre-Arranged Absences (office hours) 0
Pre-Arranged Absences (after hours) 669


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