Contact Counselors


The best way to contact your counselor is by calling (858) 467-6810,  then press 1+1+ the 3-digit extension (see below). When leaving a message, please say your name, phone number and the best time to reach you. All messages have to be directed to a specific staff member and we cannot accept general voicemail . We do not accept e-mail messages. If your counselor does not call you back within 7 days, or if your matter is time sensitive, contact Oscar Almendarez, Counseling Manager, at extension 133.  

Last names listed in alphabetical order:

Alexander Jon 689
Arnwine-Williams Heirrieze 621
Bryan Robert 606
Carter Lou 672
Casarrubias Cynthia 625
Correia Kayla 611
Davis Eric 652
Donner Gail 127
Ferrari Tamara 607
Fleming Kathleen 649
Foster Howard 663
Glenn David 675
Greer David 603
Gross Bruce 610
Jacknis Viorica 623
Logan Thomas 604
Lowe Teresa 690
Lozano Frances 605
Oberg Abby 624
ORourke Michael 678
Sanders James 602
Sarvela Donna 670
Strohauer Tamara 626
Suratt Kevin 645
Turner Sharon 608
Ulloa Mario 627
Ulloa Patricia 659
Wayne Jamie 619
Wilson Cheryl 686



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