6 Week Program

California Wet Reckless

  Wet Reckless – Education Only Classes:

6 Classes, 1 Class per Week, 2 Hours per Class, 10 Minute Break per Class

These classes are designed to give the participant information on the legal, medical, and social problems associated with the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Each class will be conducted by a skilled instructor and will include lectures, discussions, and multimedia material.

Setting an Appointment: You must call for an enrollment appointment at (858) 467-6810.

You Must Provide The Following At Your Appointment:

1 – Picture ID 2 – Your Court Referral or DMV paperwork. You can not enroll without these documents. 3 – Your down payment. 4 – A pen to write with. 5 – The ZIP Code of the location where you were arrested. 6 – Date of arrest. 7 – California Driver’s License Number or California DMV issued “X” number.

  • Payment Accepted: Cash, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Travelers Checks, Check Debit Card, Visa, Master Card, Discover Card.
  • Not Accepted For Payment: We do not accept personal checks, third party checks, post dated checks, paper checks drawn on credit card accounts, American Express Cards, or coins.
  • Additional Fees: Click here for a list of possible additional fees.
  • Financial Arrangements: The goal of our program is to assist every participant in completing his or her program. Anyone having difficulty meeting their program financial obligations, should request a Financial Assessment Interview (FAI) immediately. To set a Financial Assessment Interview, call (858) 467-6810, extension 116 or 117. Before calling, you will need to follow the FAI instructions.

The DUIP receives no government funding. All DUI programs are self-supporting through client fees. The fees must cover the cost of facilities, salaries, services, equipment and all operations. A percentage of the enrollment fee is paid to the State of California and the County of San Diego. In addition, a percentage is paid to the San Diego State University Research Foundation for licensing assistance, monetary and other administrative services. All DUIP providers in San Diego County charge the same fees and all fees are established by the San Diego County Department of Alcohol and Drug Services and not by any DUI Program in the County of San Diego.    

SDSU Driving Under The Influence Program